Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to the home of the Irish Applied Mathematics Teachers Association.

This association represents the views of Applied Maths teachers around the country since it was formed on November 25th 2006. The association is a small vibrant community of like-minded Teachers all of whom wish to enhance their own understanding of the subject as well as the learning experience of their pupils. Oliver Murphy, Kevin Conliffe and Jason Kelly have each directed the association in the past, keeping the development of the subject to the forefront at all times.

The subject is fast approaching a crossroads in its life - substantial work has been completed by the NCCA in determining the route that the subject may travel in the future. We as an association will have our say, in the direction, on November 29th at our annual conference. A background paper is due to be published on November 3rd. We will make a copy of it available as soon as possible.

The NCCA will facilitate 'focus group meetings' on the day of the conference, providing us with this opportunity "to have our say". I would urge teachers of Applied Maths to take advantage of this opportunity by attending the conference and expressing all views openly and constructively.

Further details of the conference can be found under the 'Events' tab.

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